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Earthquake Update

On the day of the earthquake, the school was closed. While we are glad that it didn't happen on a school day when the children would have had to experience this traumatic experience on their own, we are painfully aware that had it been a school day, all the little ones would have been safe. The school building was not damaged at all.

Since all schools in Nepal have remained closed since the earthquake and since we have no way of reaching the villages where out students live, we do not yet know the status of them and their families. 

We ask that you keep our children and the others in Nepal in your prayers. We will keep you posted as we hear of news from the school.

The hospital which shares the campus with the school has suffered some damage and is struggling to cope with more patients than there are beds. In the first few days after the earthquake, all the patients and staff were camped outdoors. Even surgeries were performed outside while experiencing aftershocks.

As of Wednesday, there had been over 90 aftershocks--many homes are destroyed. Home insurance being non existent, for most people, rebuilding and starting over is not a reality.


Children Who Need Sponsors

These are chldren who urgently need sponsors. They may be very poor, but their dreams are BIG. And you can make their dreams come true.

Just forty dollars a month will do all this for your sponsored child:

  • pay the tuition
  • provide lunch and a glass of milk every day
  • buy two sets of clothes and a sweater 

To be a sponsor, contact CindyPossinger@verizon.net 

(You'll notice that many of them want to be doctors . . . The school shares a campus with a hospital where the doctors are an inspiration to these little ones)











Even though the students at this level are very young, it is important to integrate them early on in a healthy, nurtuing environment. At school they get at least one nutritious meal a day, learn English, and enjoy social interaction with other children. The alternate to school for very young children of this age is being strapped to their mother's back all day while she works in the fields. 




Give a Child Education and Lunch

ESA MEMORIAL SCHOOl was started in 2002 by Fylvia Kline, Interra's Executive Director, while the Kline family lived in Nepal as missionaries. It is an English school supported by volunteer college students from the US, Europe, and Australia and offers free education to the poorest of the poor in Nepal. In addition to free tuition, the school gives students lunch, uniform, sweater, and shoes. You can sponsor a student directly from any page on Interra.

To best describe the benefits of this school is to tell you about Suraj. At age 7, Suraj stood shorter than a 4-year-old. Malnourished and weak, he came to school the first day in his only set of clothes. His faced was sallow yellow and terribly chapped; his hair was a light rust, from lack of vitamins; his nails were cracked all the way down to his skin; and he could not stay awake for more than an hour at a time. After six months at school, his face had a healthy glow, his hair was black and his nails were strong. The hospital provided him with a complete physical examination, and he was treated for worms and given vitamins. Today, as a 4th grader, he is alert and exhibits a great sense of humor.

Even more encouraging than his physical changes is the fact that his parents consented to enroll him in the school. Suraj's father cleaned bathrooms at the hospital. Being illiterate, he never considered school as an option for his son. When the hospital insisted on knowing why he wasn't sending his child to this "free school", he responded, "My son is a cleaner's child. He was not born with the brains to study."  It took over a year of persuasion before he agreed to send Suraj to school.

ESA Memorial School is more than about bringing a quality education to the children of Nepal. It is about uplifting the many, who like Suraj's family, see no horizon of hope. Everyone has the right to change one's destiny!  That is what we believe and that is what we want our community to believe, too.