A Dollar...

The ripples of even the smallest gesture can reach miles. Help others in an expression of gratitude. Consider giving a dollar for every
>birthday of a loved one
>weekend that brings rest
>day of good health
>100 miles your car runs
>pay check
>time you eat out
>year of your child's life
>year you've had a pet

When you send us your dollars, tell us what they represent so we can share it with others.

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Interra is founded on the simple principle that every person and every dollar makes a difference. We believe that the attitude and purpose that motivate our giving are even more important than the amount we give--Giving a dollar of thanks for a month without illness is very different from ten dollars given out of abundance and for a tax break. True giving is part of a lifestyle of gratitude and positive perspectives.
At Interra, we believe in the power of the ordinary person---one struggling with bills, coping with stress. They can make a difference with just a dollar. Consider your average day. Is there anything you'd be willing to change to help someone? What if you reduced your daily Starbucks from a Venti to a Grande? Or gave up 2 cans of soda?  A simple sacrifice of a dollar will make you part of a global community and feel good about something beyond everyday life and responsibilities. 

Join Interra and be part of an amazing journey.

Donate your dollars from any page on this site and you will receive a receipt by email.

For a tax-deductible donation, click on the partner page and donate through our partner GEM. Include a note that the donation is for Interra.