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From the Executive Director


Hats Off to Travel Medford

When Interra learned that a rebranding campaign at Travel Medford left an inventory of caps and bags that could not be used, we offered to find them a home across the ocean, somewhere far, far away.

So we sent them with Don and Jean Palease (our liaison on the Incubator Project) on their last trip to Kenya. Here's the email they sent us:

We spent the month of February in Nairobi working at St. Mary's Hospital -- we taught computer classes to Form-4 and Form-3 students at the St. Mary's High School for orphanded/abanded kids .. 

The classes(5 groups of 8)  went very well, we brought 3 older laptops with us and was able to use 1 older desktop that was there. By keeping the class size same, we were able to give each student more personal time. It was a exhausting month but most rewarding.  At the end of the sessions and just before our departure we had the classes meet for some awards .. each student got a certificate of accomplishment and the form-4 (seniors) all got Medford hats.  We left a number of additional hats to be used for award during the remainder of the school year. 

Before departure we also awarded the 3 laptops to some very special students getting ready for entering university life. We put them into the Medford carry bags for each student .. (Camera was already packed - no pictures).

We lived at a house owned by a World Health research doctor and his wife. Janet took very good care of us .. so she got a Medford hat.

The hats and bags totally added to the enjoyment of our Mission work.

Thank you for donating them to our work.





Anonymous Donor to the Rescue

Last year Interra's board of directors voted to join the local chamber of commerce. However, in doing this, we almost doubled our operating costs. (Since we do not have a physical office space and all our employees are volunteers, our monthly expenses average only about $16)

While we all valued Chamber membership, the thought of how far those membership dollars could go in some parts of the world weighed heavily on us. But we still went ahead and voted at the April meeting to renew our membership. 

And after the meeting was over, one of the board members anonymously donated $270 to cover last year's chamber membership and pledged to cover this year's too. Imagine that!


Women's Literacy Program--Khahare Pangu, Nepal

This is one of three women's literacy programs organized by Interra through a generous donation from the women of Lamson Hall dormitory at Andrews University.

At the cost of $10 per women, the Lamson Hall women funded three programs and taught 100 women how to read.


Christmas Fundraiser in Medford, Oregon

Friday, December 2, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sunday, December 4, noon - 4 p.m.

825 Bennett Ave, Medford, OR

For more information, call 541-326-2682

Have your family Christmas portraits taken by a professional photographer for just $10 a pose. Pictures will be made available online for easy printing and downloading. CDs are $5.

Bring hope to those who need it most--All proceeds will fund overseas healthcare and education projects in 2012.

Walk-ins welcome. Christmas baked goods will be available.


babies packed like sardines

The St. Mary's Mission Hospital (Kenya) has an innovative out-of-the-box strategy in place to maximize the use of donations in their efforts to save prematurely born babies. First, they buy partner with a local manufacture to purchase incubators at only $2000 each. And then they place two to three babies vertical in each incubator--instead of placing one baby horizontally. When Interra heard about how far one incubator can go in Kenya and how many new born babies can be saved, we've offered St. Mary's Mission Hospital a matching grant of $2000. That means every dollar you donate will be matched by Interra. Between now and November 30, every dollar that comes in will be doubled for this project. Share this rewarding opportunity with neighbors, friends and family. Let's get them two incubators for the new year.