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The ripples of even the smallest gesture can reach miles. Help others in an expression of gratitude. Consider giving a dollar for every
>birthday of a loved one
>weekend that brings rest
>day of good health
>100 miles your car runs
>pay check
>time you eat out
>year of your child's life
>year you've had a pet

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From the Executive Director

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babies packed like sardines

The St. Mary's Mission Hospital (Kenya) has an innovative out-of-the-box strategy in place to maximize the use of donations in their efforts to save prematurely born babies. First, they buy partner with a local manufacture to purchase incubators at only $2000 each. And then they place two to three babies vertical in each incubator--instead of placing one baby horizontally. When Interra heard about how far one incubator can go in Kenya and how many new born babies can be saved, we've offered St. Mary's Mission Hospital a matching grant of $2000. That means every dollar you donate will be matched by Interra. Between now and November 30, every dollar that comes in will be doubled for this project. Share this rewarding opportunity with neighbors, friends and family. Let's get them two incubators for the new year.