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The ripples of even the smallest gesture can reach miles. Help others in an expression of gratitude. Consider giving a dollar for every
>birthday of a loved one
>weekend that brings rest
>day of good health
>100 miles your car runs
>pay check
>time you eat out
>year of your child's life
>year you've had a pet

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Saving for Me, Dollars for Interra

by Roberta Jackson

With Christmas over, we decided to tackle some minor, but expensive projects in the house.

Some appliances needed repair. The oven was the first to quit working. The first repairman couldn't fix it because he didn't have the right equipment to pull it out of the wall.  So it sat for awhile because we weren't sure what to do next and were anticipating a big repair bill. When the second repairman got it apart, it needed a circuit board repair that he couldn't do but my husband could! We saved about $150 by taking that route. From that experience, I got the idea that for every unexpected "bonus" of a repair not costing as much as anticipated or for every "super deal" we get for something we've been putting off because of the cost, I would drop a dollar or more into my Interra fund.

Next my refrigerator needed a new part, but it was under warranty so we had to only pay for the labor. Then my car had a problem with a headlight and the minimum quote was $100; but it turned out to be so minor that they only charged me $30!

It didn't stop there. I found on sale an entire set of dishes for which I also had coupons. The entire set for 12 cost me just $57, a fraction of what I was ready to spend on them. My experience got even better when another item I'd been putting off purchasing suddenly went on sale for 40% off!

So, my Interra fund continues to grow slowly, but surely. Plus, every saving has me stopping to appreciate my bargains, the little surprises and good things that happen to me.


Prayers and Praise

"I talk to God all the time. I tell Him what I need and thank Him for what He's given me," explained MF as she intently looked at the little red tin in her hands.

The tin represents MF's journey of faith. She drops into it a note of prayer or a praise. And every now and then, she also drops in the extra cash she saves from her budget. It's her way of saying thank you for the good things in life. Twice a year, she opens the tin. The cash she gives away, the notes she keeps to remember her journey. This time the money was going to Interra. 

Out of the tin tumbled money and pieces of paper. One read, "Thank you for taking care of my daughter while she doesn't have a job." Another pled, "My neighbor is fighting depression. Please help him feel your love." I reached out to read another, when MF quickly separated the money from the papers saying, "The notes are personal, between God and me. Some desperate, some hopeful. But when when I look at all of them together, they show me that life is good and God is very good."

Two hundred dollars stuffed into the little red tin speaks of a attitude of gratitude and a life of praise.


Toffee Crunch, Anyone?

SK loves to make desserts. A high school senior taking college courses and involved in many volunteer projects, all she has to give is the little time she has on Fridays. So her unique idea of giving is to use her recipe of sublimely delicious Toffee Crunch.

She takes orders for her now famous Peanut/Almond Toffee Crunch (with a chocolate glaze). 100% of the proceeds go to Interra.

Now you can order SK's toffee too.
$10 a pound for local delivery
$15 a pound, mailed anywhere in the US
email info@interrafoundation.org 


From Service to Passion

Last year JI, a high school student, was looking for a project that would earn her graduation community service credit. So she began helping Interra with its free school in Nepal. A lot of the work was mundane and clerical, but as she began to learn about the children, their poor families and how education changes their future, her ties to Interra strengthened--She now sees herself volunteering at Interra through college and beyond.

For JI giving is more than just doing clerical stuff for the school. She brainstorms with her mother to find creative ways to raise funds. Her fabulous idea this Christmas was to offer gift-wrapping services to busy executives.



Grateful for Christmas Gifts

CW wanted to be a part of Interra. But she wanted her dollars to be motivated by something out of the ordinary, something that set it apart from the other charitable causes she was involved in. She decided to think and pray about it for a while. 

And one day, she thought of it: five dollars of every Christmas gift she received. What a unique way to express the true meaning of Christmas!