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Prayers and Praise

"I talk to God all the time. I tell Him what I need and thank Him for what He's given me," explained MF as she intently looked at the little red tin in her hands.

The tin represents MF's journey of faith. She drops into it a note of prayer or a praise. And every now and then, she also drops in the extra cash she saves from her budget. It's her way of saying thank you for the good things in life. Twice a year, she opens the tin. The cash she gives away, the notes she keeps to remember her journey. This time the money was going to Interra. 

Out of the tin tumbled money and pieces of paper. One read, "Thank you for taking care of my daughter while she doesn't have a job." Another pled, "My neighbor is fighting depression. Please help him feel your love." I reached out to read another, when MF quickly separated the money from the papers saying, "The notes are personal, between God and me. Some desperate, some hopeful. But when when I look at all of them together, they show me that life is good and God is very good."

Two hundred dollars stuffed into the little red tin speaks of a attitude of gratitude and a life of praise.

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