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Saving for Me, Dollars for Interra

by Roberta Jackson

With Christmas over, we decided to tackle some minor, but expensive projects in the house.

Some appliances needed repair. The oven was the first to quit working. The first repairman couldn't fix it because he didn't have the right equipment to pull it out of the wall.  So it sat for awhile because we weren't sure what to do next and were anticipating a big repair bill. When the second repairman got it apart, it needed a circuit board repair that he couldn't do but my husband could! We saved about $150 by taking that route. From that experience, I got the idea that for every unexpected "bonus" of a repair not costing as much as anticipated or for every "super deal" we get for something we've been putting off because of the cost, I would drop a dollar or more into my Interra fund.

Next my refrigerator needed a new part, but it was under warranty so we had to only pay for the labor. Then my car had a problem with a headlight and the minimum quote was $100; but it turned out to be so minor that they only charged me $30!

It didn't stop there. I found on sale an entire set of dishes for which I also had coupons. The entire set for 12 cost me just $57, a fraction of what I was ready to spend on them. My experience got even better when another item I'd been putting off purchasing suddenly went on sale for 40% off!

So, my Interra fund continues to grow slowly, but surely. Plus, every saving has me stopping to appreciate my bargains, the little surprises and good things that happen to me.

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