A Dollar...

The ripples of even the smallest gesture can reach miles. Help others in an expression of gratitude. Consider giving a dollar for every
>birthday of a loved one
>weekend that brings rest
>day of good health
>100 miles your car runs
>pay check
>time you eat out
>year of your child's life
>year you've had a pet

When you send us your dollars, tell us what they represent so we can share it with others.

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Blessings During Chaos

As with most families, it is tradition in the RK family to send out an annual Christmas letter filled with news of good times and crazy happenings. But 2009 they did not send a letter. They felt like there was nothing good or fun or crazy to report. 2009 was the year of poor health, unemployment, death, accumulating bills, etc. 

But while they came up empty for the Christmas letter, they were full of awe at how their love for one another had seen them through a difficulty year. The every elements that could have resulted in stress at home brought them together. There was more time spent at home together, dinner time was extra special because of meals made from scratch and having a home at the end of each day was that much more important.

At the end of the year, the RK family felt fortunate and blessed to be able to see the positives of a difficulty time. And so they gave a dollar for every day in 2009.


Thanksgiving Dollars

RD's job takes him all over the globe. He has seen life like it really is, in all its stark contrast--people with plenty and those with nothing. So when he heard about Interra, he was excited about the concept of giving dollars of significance.

A busy, travelling man, RD treasures time at home with family and special moments with friends. So this Thanksgiving RD gave a dollar of thanks for every person around his Thanksgiving table. 


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